Saturday, November 3, 2018

Autumn at Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary

Over the last week or two, the fall color has really peaked here in the Berrien area. However, it's been rainy and cloudy too! So while I have been personally thoroughly enjoying the color, it hasn't been good for photography and lighting. However, this afternoon it is super super sunny so out I went! You may remember that this past spring I went out with some friends to Dowagiac Woods Nature Sanctuary. I knew that Dowagiac Woods would look spectacular in fall color!

Here's some of my favorite photos...enjoy! :)

 If you look closely, you'll see my dear friend who came for a visit!

 The trail was so pretty!

 You'd never guess that this shot was taken just 20 minutes away from Berrien! ;)

 And on the trail continues...

So I hope you enjoyed my photos! It was such a beautiful walk, everything I had hoped it would be. So fun to see what beauty is close by to me. I hope you have a beautiful day yourself!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Chase, A Hike, & A Ploy at Warren Dunes

Otherwise known as, my October trip to Warren Dunes State Park. But I gotta get your attention somehow! ;)

I usually try to write a little sooner about my trips than this, but I've a) been so busy with school & b) busy actually GOING places & c) busy editing video footage that blogging has gotten a bit of the back burner treatment. Hoping to fix that in the next few weeks :) (oh and did I mention that this fall I've been able to visit two MAJOR history museums, one in Chicago and the other in Kalamazoo??? Respective articles on both will be coming...eventually... :) )

Anyways. Back to our subject of Warren Dunes. I had gotten off of school a little earlier than anctipated, so I headed out to the coast a little early as to squeeze in some hiking prior to watching the sunset. As indicated by its' name, Warren DUNES state park does have sand dunes, actually quite a few of them, it's just that I'm so focused on the sunset I rarely have interest or time to check out all the other cool stuff the park has to offer. Also, there are some nice hiking trails in a forest. I've never gone back there, either. So I decided that I would fix that this trip...

Enjoy the photos!

 As I was walking across the parking lot to the woods (on the left of the photo), my eyes caught glimpse of two white-tailed deer!! Unfortuantely I did not have my telephoto lens on, but if you look close (and at the cropped version below), you might be able to make them out. But I mean guys, let's keep it all in perspective. Who cares if I even got any photos. I GOT TO SEE WILD ALIVE DEER IN A STATE PARK, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO cool to wild wildlife decently up close and in person.

 So on my short little stubby human legs, I chased the deer up the dunes. As I suspected, I never caught sight of them again, but where I ended up absolutely left my jaw hanging wide open...

 I still don't believe that this is "just" southwest Michigan...Warren Dunes has many surprising, spectacular sides if you take the time to listen and soak it in...

 The trail begins...

 Absolutely loved the lighting!

There was a virtual cache along the trail where you were to take a picture of yourself with this tree, which supposedly looks like a buffalo (I kind of agree). A fun objective to have while hiking!
 Once I finished the hike and got out to the beach, I enjoyed taking wave photos!

 I love all the detail and 3-Dness of the foaming water here...
 Eventual personal stock photos, anyone?? ;)

I then ran across this little bird - killdeer, maybe? Will be getting the ID soon! - who did not fly away when I approached, but rather seemed to limp and move just fast enough to be just out of my reach...I quickly realized that I was falling for a common ploy. This was probably a momma bird who was trying to protect her brood and the nest or young were probably pretty close to me. Yup, sure enough, when I got a certain distance away "injured" took off perfectly and flew back to square one. And yup, there were her three young playing in the surf! Once again, I wished that I had had my telephoto on - maybe I'll just officially bring it next time?? - but I still got some decent photos.

And now for what you all knew was coming...the sunset! God never fails to disappoint, guys...

 I really enjoyed playing with angles, and including the pebbles in my shots...
 The waves, caught at just the right time, provide some great interest!

 It's so fun when you get to catch the sun reflected in the surf!
The grand show may indeed be eternal, somewhere, but for me and my viewing station, this signaled the end. Until the next time...